Composting the lazy way

A sad/concerning  observation I made in Paraguay was that people will regularly clean their lawn, garden, patio but will burn the cuttings; something I will avoid at all costs. The organic residues are your future fertiliser/humus if put to use correctly. Why waste such a valuable resource. When I started to work with Ramon, I …

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Preparing the site

The decision to build with containers was taken. The basic layout was defined. I just needed to make it happen. In my absence between 2014/2015 I agreed with Ramon that he would build back part of the building, saving as much building material as possible: wooden posts corrugated metal roofing roofing tiles bricks doors windows …

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Let’s build with containers !

How did I come to the conclusion to build with containers… Container buildings has become fashionable in the last years. While I don’t consider them very sustainable, they offer some advantages, which came in handy for my situation. Around 2014 I used to stay around 6-8 months per year in Paraguay. I had shipped part …

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